Aroon Shivdasani

Aroon Shivdasani

Aroon Shivdasani’s laughter and joi de vivre are her signatures. She believes life is not a dress rehearsal, embraces life completely and intensely. She has lived in India, England, Canada and the United States, travelled extensively all over the world, is interested in every aspect of life and has friends of all cultures, ages and religions.
Carole Kirschner

Carole Kirschner

Director, CBS Diversity Writers Program & WGA Showrunner Training Program, Entertainment Career Coach, Speaker & Author and help creative professionals build thriving Hollywood careers.


Evan Himfar - San Diego, California

Evan Himfar a dedicated real estate professional who knows the local markets very well. The web platform helps to sell, buy or rent the properties, even calculates mortgage using an integrated calculator.

Relentless Action to Defend Against Risk (RADAR)

Promoting SHOOT SAFE strategy for Hollywood and American television industry amidst the global pandemic situation. RADAR means Relentless Action to Defend Against Risk. From start to finish, Radar fluidly mitigates risk for cast and crew.
Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement

Homeless Outreach Providing Encouragement

HOPE is the only street outreach and year-round emergency short-term shelter option for the homeless community in Longmont that offers supportive follow-through services. Its mission is to provide life-sustaining services and programs focusing on dignity, empowerment and self- sufficiency.
Kimberly Braun

Kimberly Braun

Kimberly Braun, former Carmelite nun, is a retreat leader, meditation coach, spiritual director, inspirational speaker and Reiki Master.
Doctor Neha

Doctor Neha

Neha Sangwan, M.D., is the CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence and author of TalkRx: 5 Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health, and Happiness. She is an internal medicine physician and corporate communication expert.
Ted Larkins

Ted Larkins

Ted Larkins is an accomplished business executive and entrepreneur with a focus on international licensing. Ted co-developed a leading entertainment licensing company in Tokyo, representing major movie studios that included Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox.
Chalice Pictures

Chalice Pictures

Kaia Alexander is the founder of Chalice Pictures and the writer/director of Chalice: Women Leaders Rise. She’s the author of the award-winning novel Written in the Ashes (Harper Collins, 2016) about the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt, and the life and tragic murder of Hypatia, the world’s first female mathematician/scientist.
DPLGuru™ addresses the current needs of global supply chain visibility, traceability, document retention, document creation and global trade compliance. Powerful robust online software solution to Identify denied parties, sanctioned parties and restricted parties.
Simons observatory - University of California, San Diego, USA (UCSD)

Simons Observatory - University of California, San Diego, USA (UCSD)

The Simons Observatory is an astronomy facility in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Their goal is to study how the universe began, what it is made of, and how it evolved to its current state. They will add several new telescopes and new cameras with state of the art detector arrays.
Sakaar Entertainment

Sakaar Entertainment

Sakaar Entertainment is a USA based event management company, with a focus on live shows across USA & Canada featuring celebrities from the Bollywood entertainment industry.
Palcare India
This is a new palliative care service offered by THE JIMMY S BILIMORIA FOUNDATION, which has been set up with the prime purpose of delivering care – AT HOME – to those suffering from life limiting and debilitating conditions, such as cancer.
Get all of the latest information on training, gear and experiences from the brands, coaches, top athletes, events, places and blogs that make your sports more fun.
NGB Markets

NGB Markets, Santa Clara, USA

NGB Markets is the online market news and information source for non-publicly traded markets. They provide a set of compelling tools and create price indices currently found in no other physical marketplace. They are committed to delivering real-time market data for non-publicly traded commodities.They bring you up-to-the-minute data on agricultural and non-agricultural markets.
Software Tree Inc.

Software Tree Inc., Santa Clara, USA

Software Tree focuses on the creation of solutions that provide convenient and scaleable access to RDBMS data through Java, the language of choice for Internet/eBusiness application development.
Wireless Watchdogs

Wireless Watchdogs, Los Angeles, USA

Wireless Watchdogs offers organizations expert, objective advice to keep wireless costs under control, and a single source for all your wireless needs. We combine proprietary systems, dogged determination and years of industry experience to match wireless plans with actual use to get the best possible buy and pass those savings on to our customers.
RHUB Communications, Inc.

RHUB Communications, Inc., Santa Clara, USA

RHUB is a leader in appliance based and embedded Web Conferencing OEM Solutions:The company is formed to build web conferencing software to enable:
Institute for Enterprise Development (IED)

Institute for Enterprise Development (IED), USA

The Institute for Enterprise Development, based in California-US, specializes in understanding client strategies and requirements for organizational and executive development. IED is a provider of executive development programs, training and education for both public and private sector enterprises.
Access Growth LLC

Access Growth LLC, Santa Clara, USA

Access Growth LLC is a global growth consulting and innovation management firm that supports clients with a proprietary 360° commercialization process. Their global teams of professionals currently support 23 countries and provide world class growth strategies, innovation planning and commercialization support to early-stage, emerging growth and fortune 500 companies.
The Enterprise Network (TEN)

The Enterprise Network (TEN), Silicon Valley, USA

TEN – The Enterprise Network is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), business incubator, support center, and accelerator for hi-tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.
Banpil Photonics, Inc.

Banpil Photonics, Inc., Santa Clara, USA

Banpil Photonics, Inc. is a world leading developer and intellectual property Technology Company enabling the manufacture of unique opto-electronics for application in optical and electronics products. The company has developed extensive intellectual property that is expanding the boundaries of optics and electronics technologies.
BIT UCLA Anderson School of Management

BIT UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles, USA

Business and Information Technologies project studies the impacts of new online information and communication technologies on business practices in the United States.
Miralto Inc.

Miralto Inc., Los Angeles, USA

Miralto Inc. specializes in strategic consulting for the public sector and non-profit organizations.
Rveda, Inc.

Rveda, Inc., Santa Clara, USA

Rvita is a natural healing hub providing various Alternative medicines like Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Yoga to treat chronic diseases and stress etc. Ask experts and find answers to various natural healing techniques. Visit
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A)

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), India

The Indian Institute of Management is an autonomous institution by the Government of India in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat and the Indian Industry. The Board has representatives from the Governments of India and Gujarat and Industry.
The Alchemists Ark Private Limited

The Alchemists Ark Private Limited, India

The Alchemists Ark Private Limited, the company behind, is a Pune-based Consulting & Training Company that has partnered market-leading companies like Castrol, Firepro, Fleetguard, Foseco, M&M, Tata Motors & Toyota, in shaping and implementing their Business & Customer Management strategies.
The Love Center

The Love Center, USA

It is a non profit educational organization dedicated to Raising Universal Love Awareness& Awakening a World of Love Masters. Its vision is to raise universal love awareness & awaken everyone to the joy of living as a Love Master.
Josie Kelly

Josie Kelly, Los Angeles, USA

Josie Kelly M.F.T., C.H.T. provides counseling for the whole person. Based on thirty years of private practice experience, she has developed a unique style of wholistic psychotherapy- understanding that complete mental health occurs through integration.
Elite Communications LLC

Elite Communications LLC, Los Angeles, USA

Dr Alex is the author of The Tao of Dating: The Thinking Man’s Enlightened Guide to Success with Women, and the audio courses The Tao of Persuasion and How to Work A Room. He is committed to helping you live a more joyously fulfilled life and become the best possible version of you.

Global4PL Supply Chain Management, Santa Clara, USA

Global4PL is a supply chain consulting firm that has designed a unique suite of services to help companies rapidly evolve and implement global supply chain programs. Global4PL offers a combination of essential services packages and access to a global ecosystem based on the supply chain plan of each qualified company.
Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC)

Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC), New York, USA

The Indo-American Arts Council is a 501 ©3 not-for-profit secular arts organization passionately dedicated to promoting, showcasing and building an awareness of artists of Indian origin in the performing arts, visual arts, literary arts and folk arts.
Dr. Robert O. Ruder

Dr. Robert O. Ruder, Los Angeles, USA

Website for Dr. Robert O. Ruder, certified facial plastic surgeon located in Beverly Hills, California.
Go Green

Go Green Online, San Francisco, USA

Go Green Online is an online community to help people change their habits and lifestyle. It has blogs, videos and other information on how to live a more eco friendly, green lifestyle.
The Strategics Group (TSG)

The Strategics Group (TSG), Los Angeles, USA

The Strategics Group introduces their proprietary SIM-5 process to give your managers and staff the information they need to make the right decisions and achieve company goals.


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