March 27, 2020

India fights back Corona virus

India fights back Corona virus

This is a difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic infecting most of the countries in this world. In India, a complete lockdown has been declared as a safety measure to break this chain of infection. Fear rises with the rising number of positive cases that news channels are flashing almost every hour.

At InfoBridge, there is a very good cooperation for all the employees ensuring their good health and safety. All InfoBridgians are well equipped and are working from home with smooth communication and quality of work.

Dear InfoBridgians, with your strengths you are managing it well while working enthusiastically on innovative projects from home logging to your office work stations making best use of the resources for remote working, VPN, firewalls with security standards and processes.

Our virtual team meetings begin with the mantra from ancient Upanishada, “Om Sahana Vavatu”. It emphasizes on the strength of cooperation. How do we manage working conjointly with great energy for the good of humanity. “Om Shanti” May peace prevail on earth.

We all should co-operate with each other in this tough time and ensure everybody's safety. 'Prevention is always better than cure.' Social distancing is the new mode that we are getting used to. We can spend time by getting connected digitally, using social media platforms to get connected with friends and loved ones. Stay healthier and stronger. Make your quarantine time more creative. We all are together in this tough situation and shall fight together against Covid-19 pandemic.

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